Crumbs Relay Terms of Service

Crumbs email relay allows you to keep your primary email address secret from online services by making alias email addresses. This feature allows you to keep your email address private.

A Crumbs Account is required to use the email relay service (“Service”).

You should only use the email relay according to these Terms of Service. This Service is for personal use only. No sublicense, resell or commercial use of the Service is permitted. You are solely responsible for what you write and receive via email when using the Service.

For Crumbs to be able to provide you with the Service, you have to give us the right to process your data including: your email address, the aliases and the emails you send and receive via the email relay. Crumbs does not log or monitor the content of emails sent and received via the email relay.

Crumbs’s Intellectual Property. Neither Crumbs nor its licensors grant you any intellectual property rights in the Service that are not specifically stated in the license attached to it.

You are solely liable for your use of the Service

Update and termination of your rights and obligations


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